CAD Pyrotechnic Products

Actuators: Thrusters and Pullers

Thrusters are devices that provide a force over a defined stroke. CAD thrusters are available in a wide range of output and stroke combinations.

Pullers work in reverse. The motion of the puller is inward while the motion of the thruster is outward.

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Cable cutters

Cable cutters fall, generally, into two classes: Guillotine-type and Punch-type (identified elsewhere on this site as Puncture Devices). Basically, a guillotine Cutter is an “axe blade or knife” propelled, internally, by an explosive. They are used where there is a need for rapid, reliable, remote cutting on cable, wire rope, hawser, hose, fuel line, chain, etc. There is no meaningful upper limit to the guillotine cutting capability.

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Pyrotechnic valves perform as any valve except the function of their movement is explosively initiated. CAD ram-operated valves are available in four types:

  • Normally Open
  • Normally Closed
  • Dual Function (normally open and normally closed)
  • Shuttle (closed-open-closed)
  • All four types are made in ground support, flight-weight, or underwater configurations.

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Cartridges and Squibs

Pressure cartridges, Igniters, Initiators and Squibs, fall into the same general category. Functionally, they each convert a relatively low electrical (or mechanical) input into a higher energy output.Squibs and pressure cartridges are the heart of all of our electro-explosive devices and are basic to the design of all of our products. They are used as a heat or flame producing transducer to initiate a main propelling charge.

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Explosive Bolts

CAD manufactures two types of Explosive Bolts: conventional (fragmenting) and CAD’s unique Safety Bolt (non-fragmenting). Bolt tensile strengths service up to 80,000 lb. CAD also manufactures nonmetallic bolts that are ideal for use when the high strength of a steel bolt is not required.

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Pneumatic Actuation Systems

CAD’s patented Pneumatic Actuation Systems (PAS) provide small orifice (bleeding) or almost instantaneous release of stored gas pressure. Pneumatic Actuation Systems are used to supply high purity, cold gas in many demanding applications such as missiles, torpedoes, oil field exploration drilling, and air bag/bladder inflation.

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Delays, Detonators and Primers

CAD manufactures precision Detonators utilizing high explosives (1.1) such as lead azide and lead styphnate for military and commercial applications. CAD detonators can be either electrically or percussion actuated. CAD Delays range in timing from milliseconds to 17 seconds. Percussion based delays are impervious to electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

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