Pneumatic Actuation Systems

Pneumatic Actuation Systems (PAS), or Stored Gas Systems, are used to remotely release sealed reservoirs of compressed gasses. Gasses can be released into pasmanifolds for distribution or vented directly into a volume for inflation/pressurization.

For many applications, CAD’s Pneumatic Actuation Systems can be built around standard available off-the-shelf bottles. For special applications, CAD partners with firms who specialize in the design, manufacture and test of custom pressure vessels.

As with our other pyrotechnically powered devices, a small amount of electrical energy can liberate a large amount of chemical energy and translate this into a large amount of mechanical work.


  • On-Command release of pressurized gasses for pneumatic actuation of mechanical systems or inflation/pressurization of sealed volumes.
  • Pneumatic actuation systems used in place of hydraulic systems on weight sensitive applications.
  • Inflation of floatation devices for rescue/lifesaving applications.
  • Inflation of positive buoyancy bladders for marine sensors/sonobuoys.
  • Displacement of fluids in underwater/downhole tools.
  • Air bag deployment.


  • Gasses include Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  • Pressures to 10,000 PSI (gas dependant).
  • Bottle volumes are limited only by customer’s application envelope.
  • Operating Temperatures (gas dependant) of -65° F. to 420° F. (-54° C. to 215° C.)