Corporate Information

Cartridge Actuated Devices, Inc. was founded in 1963… We’ve been manufacturing custom pyrotechnic devices for over 45 years. Ours is a privately held business and we design and manufacture pyrotechnic products from Class 1.1 to Class 1.4. Our engineers and scientists design and mix custom blends of powders to exacting specifications to fulfill the complete range of needs of our customers.

Our Quality System is certified to:

Our Quality System complies with:

  • Mil-Q-9858A
  • MIL-I-45208
  • MIL-STD-45662
  • ASTM-E-1742/MIL-STD-410 Radiography
  • FAA/PMA Certified

and we have onsite Government Quality Assurance Representation.

Cartridge Actuated Devices, Inc. Limited Warranty.


Corporate Headquarters Fairfield, New Jersey
Corporate Headquarters
Fairfield, New Jersey

Cartridge Actuated Devices, Inc. corporate offices are located in Fairfield, New Jersey. Our administrative and engineering facilities are housed in the 18,000 sq.ft. building shown at the left.

The resources provided at this location include:

  • Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Testing
  • Model Shop
  • Small Run…1.4 Products

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Byram Campus

Our main manufacturing facilities are located outside the town of Byram in rural western New Jersey. This location boasts remoteness from the bustling population centers and includes twelve buildings on over 96 acres of land.

The resources provided at this location include:testing

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Quality Engineering
  • Custom Powder Blending
  • Storage Magazines
  • Test Range
  • 40-foot Drop Tower
  • Environmental Testing
  • Large Run…1.4 – 1.1 Productsassy2